Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mixed Emotions - aka One Hive Already Died but the Other is Doing Well

So, only two days in and the Carniolan hive was already dead. That really bums me out. I don't get it. They didn't even release the queen. There were more dead bees in the package than in the Italian package, and they weren't as energetic when we installed them. Maybe they were sick to begin with? Anyway, the supplier doesn't have any sort of warranty, so we're down to one beehive for now.

Here's the video of our first inspection. We decided to give the Italian hive a pollen substitute patty in addition to the sugar syrup as it's been so rainy and cold.

Here we are adding extra boxes to the hive as the bees have almost finished filling up the first box. I also give a VERY brief description of traditional Japanese beekeeping. More on that later.

Finally, here's a video where we just watch. Watching is fun. I wish the bees were at my house because I could sit and watch them for hours at a time. On second thought maybe it's good they're not at my house. Also we note that one of the boxes is warped and the bees have made the crack into a new backdoor.

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