Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Excitement Again - aka Our New Bees Have Arrived!

So, it's finally time. Our new bees arrived and we get to install them into their new homes. This year, in an attempt to be more successful than we were last year, we got two three pound packages of bees (whereas last year we only had one two pound package). We got one package of Carniolans and one of Italians to see if we noticed any difference between the two.

Here's the video of everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) installing the Carniolans.

And here's the video of us installing the Italians. Unfortunately, James (one of our junior beekeepers) sustained our first bee sting. It wasn't his fault either. It was his brother and aunt that were freaking out.

I'll write more at some point about traditional Japanese style beekeeping, cause that's sort of what we're going for this year.

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