Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bee Day = HUGE Success!

I've been anticipating this day for some time now. Wondering. Waiting.

What would it be like? Would I be scared? Would it be an adrenalin rush? Would the bees be aggressive? Would I get stung? Would my kids, the ones I want to do this with, get freaked out and refuse to help with the bees any more? What would the bees sound like? What would they smell like? Would I, could I, dare to install the bees without wearing gloves as many advocate? Would the bees like their new home? The list goes on and on.

Well, despite some difficulties, the day was amazing! More than I could have hoped for. So what were the difficulties? Well, if you've read my previous posts, you know that I had originally intended to save money by trapping bees. If I got some, great, if not, then maybe next year. So, long story short, I came to the whole packaged bee thing a little late to the game. Instead of placing an order at a bee supplier f15 minutes from my parents' house (where our hive is located), the only place left taking orders was over 3 hours away. To make matters worse, I work every other weekend, and this happens to be my weekend to work. I worked until 11:30pm the night before bee day and then had to schedule my bee pickup for 8:45am so that I could be back, get the bees installed, and over to work by 3pm. That meant going to bed after midnight and getting up at 5am. To make matters EVEN worse. I couldn't sleep last night. Didn't fall asleep till almost 3am. So all this was done on 2 hours of sleep. But, despite these difficulties, the day was, as I said, amazing. I wish I could have just stayed afterwards and watched them for like an hour. Oh well. Next time.

And now, I must bid you adieu. I'm tired. I just got back from work. I need to go to sleep. A picture (or in this case, a video) is worth a thousand words anyway. I'll stop waxing poetic and work on getting our videos from the day posted early next week. I must warn you, however, the volunteer videographer happened to be an unseasoned 8 year old boy. You'll have to put up with a fair amount of ground shots... Still, over all, I think he did a good job and by the end of the summer maybe he'll have progressed to taking some really awesome videos of our bees!

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